Saturday, 24 March 2012

Better Image Stabilisation

Both Panasonic and Sony have made improvements to their high-end consumer camcorders for 2012. One of the most notable improvements compared to their previous models is for their image stabilisation systems. 

Panasonic's OIS+ uses five axis correction to suppress shake across the camcorders 30-270mm (approx.) x12 optical zoom range.

Sony's Balanced Optical SteadyShot is quoted to have a 13x image stabilisation improvement compared to the previous model for its 26-260mm x10 optical zoom lens. 

Having decent image stabilisation is a must for any video production especially for those who prefer to shoot without the use of a tripod (I'm guilty). Certainly, scenes can be post-processed in applications like Final Cut Pro X or Premiere etc to remove or at least reduce any visible shake but its at the cost of some cropping to the scene.

Both camcorders also offer improvements in shooting under low lighting conditions. I'll write more about the feature sets of these camcorders at a later date at EA

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